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January 2, 2013 - Author: Kim

With the start of the new year, I am working on finding the positives and reminding myself of them every day. At dinner tonight, I had the kids share one good thing that happened to them. AJ was thrilled that he got an additional copy of Wonka, Junior that he’s putting on at school. Last night, there was a panic and tears because he didn’t have it and he was going to get yelled at for not having it with him (darn temperamental directors!) :-P I emailed the teachers because AJ’s book was at the mechanic with my car so I couldn’t get it for him before rehearsal today.
My “good thing” was that the car only needed an oil change and the cost of diagnostics for what appears to have been simply a dead battery. We’d tried charging it ourselves at home but weren’t successful, so I’m thankful that what we were worried could be a major electrical problem was relatively painless. Hopefully the car doesn’t leave me stranded with a dead battery this week, but if it does, I’ve got jumper cables and I can handle it!
I honestly, don’t recall what Zoe’s good thing was because AJ was so very relieved that it kind of took over the table conversation.
John was glad to be home and headed to bed because he was feeling lousy. I was able to do the running with AJ tonight so he could curl up in bed and hope that his chicken soup did the trick.
What good things are going on with you?

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We Need a Little Christmas!

December 8, 2012 - Author: Kim

The kids and I did their shopping for John today (his surprise was almost ruined when he tried to get a Snapple out of the trunk of my car though!) Last night, I had about an hour of panic when I forgot what I got for John–but I finally remembered. I’ll have to get all my gifts together so that I can take them to school to be wrapped. The Key Club is wrapping for $1/package and it’ll save me time and I know John will be relieved not to have me begging for help! ;)

We also picked up gifts for our church’s Angel Tree and got them wrapped. John hung our icicle lights on the front gutters (very pretty!) and the iced garland and snowmen are on our mantle and the tree is decorated. I might still need to pick up some beaded garland for the tree–I’ve got to decide if I want to do that or have the kids string cranberries or popcorn instead.

I haven’t gotten to Christmas cards yet, but there’s still time for that–and since I am terrible about sending them, I hope I manage to get my stuff together to do them next weekend! I also need to have the kids help me bake some cookies, but we don’t really need them so that is on the back burner too.

I think I still need to do shopping for Deanna to give to the kids but haven’t heard how much she’s sending so I’ll probably be worrying about that in the next week too.

By the end of the week, I’ll have to ship Deanna’s and Dad’s gifts. It will be awfully strange not to have them around for Christmas this year but I’m so glad we’re not travelling. It seems like I spent my childhood jumping from house to house for holidays and there’s nowhere like home sweet home. What are you doing this holiday season?

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And it’s back!

December 7, 2012 - Author: Kim

After a long respite, John got my blog back up and running. Yay hubby! :D I’m heading toward New Year’s Resolution time so blogging more regularly is definitely on my “to do” list for 2013!

Thanks to those of you who’ve kept me in your blogroll. I hope that I can feed your reader more regularly in the coming weeks and months.

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Another one bites the dust

May 14, 2012 - Author: Kim

Another semester is over and done for me now. I completed two courses this spring and expect to earn a solid A in each. I should be thrilled, but instead, I find myself wondering, is that all there is?
When I applied to this program, I chose it because it is ALA accredited and because from what I read, I thought I would be able to be excused from some foundational courses due to my undergraduate coursework and work experience. I explained that to my advisor in the summer and asked if we could meet to discuss my background and experience. He told me that was unnecessary and he could advise me via email. In the fall, I took an introduction to reference work; this spring, introduction to the information professions and developing library collections.
I wasn’t looking to avoid paying the University for 12 courses, but I was hoping that instead of taking a rehashing of my undergraduate studies, I would be able to expand my learning by taking a deeper breadth of courses that would make me valuable in a different type of library–for example, some courses connected to academic librarianship, some to archival, some updates of some of the skills I already have. Instead, I find myself struggling to feel motivated to participate in classes that don’t push me forward.
I spoke to an assistant professor who did the same undergrad program that I did and she reinforced my belief that I’m going to find myself rehashing my very good foundational knowledge. At $1600+ per course, I’m torn between thinking that I should get something for my money and thinking just jump through the damn hoops and get the degree. Am I wrong for thinking that I should expect to learn something here?

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Frustrated, aggravated and disheartened

March 4, 2012 - Author: Kim

138/365 Frustrated.I spent most of today going through one of the textbooks for my second course, so that I understand how to avoid plagiarism, cite sources appropriately and conduct research at the graduate level.

There were questions and sample writing at the end of each chapter that had us look at them and make comment on whether they were effective and well-written or not, as well as identifying whether the information was paraphrased or summarized (in earlier chapters we had to identify the difference between the two.)

After I completed and submitted my work, I checked on my assignment from last week. Aside from a comment asking that I double space future submissions (I copied and pasted the questions from the assignment which was definitely not double spaced) and another asking where I found the databases which indexed collection Management that were accessible by Clarion students through library subscriptions, there were no identified issues with my work but my assigned grade was 90/100.

I think that I met the requirements of the assignment based on the comments, but somehow. I lost 10% credit. I was already irritated because the course asks me to do a tremendous amount of busywork that is certainly appropriate for someone with no library background but should be bypassed for someone completing their 20th year as a librarian. I don’t understand why I couldn’t have tested out of this course and taken another more meaningful course which expands my knowledge and abilities.

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